'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date, update: new Disney settings added, still no PC version


The action role-playing video game, “Kingdom Hearts 3” from developer Square Enix is set to be unveiled very soon and the latest news is that there will be new Disney worlds to be featured; and in commemoration of Square Enix’ 15th year anniversary, more information is set to be revealed, particularly on the gameplay aspect.

It was back in 2010 when director Tetsuya Nomura declined to provide an exact date as to when they would potentially start developing a new “Kingdom Hearts” installment and the reason given at that time was that they were preoccupied with another game called “Final Fantasy XV.” Three years after that, Nomura was the same person who finally made it official yes, “Kingdom Hearts 3” is indeed happening after so many years of waiting.

In the supposed Disney world addition, players will finally get more movement and space in the game. The worlds, as Yibada reports, will include those from famous Disney films like “Big Hero 6,” “Hercules,” and “Tangled,” among others.

Meanwhile, a Gematsu report from last year quoted Nomura as saying that they intended to include “Tangled” first and foremost among the many Disney settings because everyone wanted the main character, Rapunzel to be symbolized in the game due to her strong personality. The Japanese character designer added that her aggressiveness and ability to defend herself using her long hair is a great prospect for an improvement in the gameplay of “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

And while the game has been officially confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it would be a lot better if a PC version is made available soon after the release for the two game consoles. However, Square Enix and Nomura’s team might not have the luxury of time and resources to push for it.

At this point, PC gamers will have to switch to either PS4 or Xbox One if they want to get hold of the game once it is released next year.