Kingdom Hearts 3 release date: Square Enix debunks rumors of trailer release; assures fans they will give info when it's ready


Square Enix has finally released a statement debunking rumors about the impending release of a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. What this means for fans is that they need to be patient for a while longer before they get more information about the much anticipated game.

According to a report by Gaming Bolt, Square Enix West Community Manager Dan Seto addressed the barrage of queries from fans wanting to know when the studio would be releasing the purported trailer, cautioning fans against pinning their hopes on reports that do not have an official source.

“Come on guys you should know better than to trust news reports that don’t even have any sources! We never announced that any trailer would be released and in general you should be more cautious about rumours. We also sort of did release an official statement/message.”

Seto was referring to the post on the Kingdom Hearts twitter account, which assured fans that they will be keeping their supporters posted of any development about the game or even its trailer once it becomes available, reported Playstation Lifestyle.

“We want to thank you all for your support and will let you know when we have more to share,” the Kingdom Hearts twitter account posted.

It can be recalled that Square Enix gave a preview of the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue trailer at the D23 Expo in Japan, leaving fans expecting that the actual trailers would be released a day after, which was November 4, according to a separate report from Playstation Lifestyle.

But the day came and went without any word from the studio about the trailer, leading fans to social media sites and the official Square Enix site to air their impatience.

In the prologue, fans were treated to a scene with Goofy, Donald and Sora on the new Attraction Flow Ride. There was also a scene showing Yen Sid, King Mickey, Riku and Kairi having a discussion in the Mysterious Tower. Fans got even more excited when they saw a scene featuring all the main characters in HD.

With no official release date from the studio, it seems that fans will have to wait for updates from the developer before getting their hopes up again.