'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date, news: Game is one of the most anticipated releases in Japan


Being a melting pot of Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy” franchise and Disney’s famed stories, the latest “Kingdom Hearts” iteration is proving to be one of the most anticipated games to come out soon. With its interesting gameplay, the role-playing title is gaining a ton of interest, particularly from Japanese gamers.

The weekly Famitsu Most Wanted chart (via Gaming Bolt) reveals that “Kingdom Hearts 3” is among the most-awaited games that will be releasing soon. Following the launch of “Persona 5,” which originally took a bulk of the attention, a recently released list puts the eleventh game from the series in seventh place behind “Yakuza 6.”

So far, the updated track has proven to be a good indicator of how video games will perform in the sales category once rolled out. For example, “Persona 5” has been tremendously performing selling over half a million copies already in the country alone and is poised to continue earning in the coming months. Given this, the rest of the games included namely “Pokmon Sun and Moon,” “Dragon Quest 11,” “Final Fantasy 7 Remake,” along with “Yakuza 6” and “Kingdom Hearts 3,” are tipped to also have a decent showing in terms of profits.

No official release date for the game has been announced but Digital Trends gathered intel that suggests “Kingdom Hearts 3” will finally see the light of day sometime in 2017. The title has been in development for three years now since the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2013 announcement, together with “Final Fantasy XV” which will come out next month.

Coupled with the release of “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue” in January 2017, the new year is also a highly probable launch date for the title. That way, every game will have ample time to be marketed on their own without cannibalizing the sales of each other.

As for what to expect when “Kingdom Hearts 3” finally arrives on major consoles, co-creator Tai Yasue had this to say, “The moves look a lot flashier, but at the same time not too difficult. We have the same sort of command menu as the numbered titles, II and III. That’s very similar in 0.2. It’s sort of a mixture between Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts III, both aspects of that coming together.”