'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date: Trailer to be shown during E3 2016


Rumors about the upcoming “Kingdom Hearts 3,” the latest installment in Square Enix and Disney’s series “Kingdom Hearts,” continue to swirl with confirmation that a trailer will be debuting in June.

It has been more than 10 years since the last main numbered entry in the “Kingdom Hearts” series, and fans are only getting even more anxious as time passes especially after last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Now, with E3 2016 right around the corner, Square Enix will reportedly also be debuting another trailer during the event. Last year’s E3 convention featured the first ever footage of the game, showing the new gameplay elements to be featured in the sequel. Then came the Japan Disney D23 Expo, which brought an announcement that more news will come supposedly this year.

The announcement said that a release date for the game will finally be revealed this year, but almost half of the year is over with Square Enix preferring to remain silent about the game. With the confirmation that a new trailer will debut at E3 this June, however, comes the possibility that it will also bring with it the actual release date for the game.

Game director and “Kingdom Hearts” series co-creator Tetsuya Nomura repeatedly stated that development for the game is on schedule and that his team has an internal release window they are aiming for.

As for news of the game’s localization, Quinton Flynn, the voice actor for the character of Axel, engaged in a series of tweets in April which revealed that he has yet to do any work for the game.

Reports suggest that it may be because Square Enix is focusing on getting voice work for the supporting characters of the game done before turning their attention to the main characters. Steve Burton, who voices Cloud Strife, and Bill Farmer, who voices Goofy and Pete, were confirmed to have been called in to provide voice work for the game over the past years.

Some also believe that the recent and sudden silence about the game right after last year’s big announcements is due to the soon-to-be released “Final Fantasy XV.” Development for the game recently wrapped up, slating a release in September, which could mean that Square Enix just switched focus to that game because it was in the final stages of development.

With development for “Final Fantasy XV” over, it could be time for a major push for “Kingdom Hearts 3’s” production. Until E3’s possible new information however, nobody can really tell.