'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date news: Square Enix encourages fans to play 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' while waiting for game


Square Enix continues to keep information regarding “Kingdom Hearts 3” tightly under wraps as no word regarding the upcoming game had been brought out during the developer’s panel at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

This, reportedly, has left fans disappointed given that a huge portion of them were looking forward to any details regarding the upcoming title. And unfortunately, Square Enix’s hope that the newly released “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue” would quench the thirst of fans, at least for the time being, did not actually come as expected. If not, the in-between release actually hyped up “Kingdom Hearts 3” even more.

Despite this, series veteran designer Tai Yasue strongly advises fans to experience the HD remastered collection while waiting for the upcoming game.

“In the Kingdom Hearts universe there’s a complex story with a lot of threads,” he told Gamespot adding that based from title numbering alone, the separate anthology is necessary to get a better hold of “Kingdom Hearts 3”

“And I think from Kingdom Hearts 2.8, as the numbering suggests, it’s really necessary before you play Kingdom Hearts 3. 0.2, with you playing with Aqua, who is trapped inside the Dark World, that connects to Birth by Sleep. You experience her sorrow and torment. And she’s a Keyblade Master, and her destiny is really intertwined with Sora’s in Kingdom Hearts 3, so learning about her adventure, and her pain, really gives meaning to when you start Kingdom Hearts 3,” Yasue explained.

Aside from the franchise’s narrative, “Kingdom Hearts 0.2” will also enable fans to have a better grip on “Kingdom Hearts 3” as it will serve as some sort of a demo for the upcoming title. More than just having succeeding titles, both games are built using the Unreal Engine 4 which will result to uncanny similarities between them.

The decision to not give out any specifics with regard to “Kingdom Hearts 3” during E3 2016 may also be a good marketing ploy for Square Enix. The video game developer could have been looking to capitalize on their nearer release which is “Kingdom Hearts 0.2” than mix it up with a game whose release date has not yet been announced.

“Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue” is set to be released sometime in December.