'Kingdom Hearts 3' release date: sequel losing its steam?


During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) back in 2015, a lot of fans raved about the new trailer of “Kingdom Hearts 3” released by Square Enix. However, in this year’s E3, a lot were disheartened that there any announcement with regard to the game. Instead, the game developer seemed to put all the focus on “Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.” In fact, a new trailer for the game was just released to anticipate its release for December. Unfortunately, fans may be already getting tired of waiting for the third installment of the franchise.

When “Kingdom Hearts 2” was released, fans just could not get enough when they finished the game so some spin-offs were released, but still connected to the main story line. There were also HD remakes of the previous titles and remastered versions of the spin-off titles. Regardless, the hype for “Kingdom Hearts 3” may be dying down.

According to reports, the game did not even reach top five of Famitsu’s list of most wanted games. It was only in ninth place. It is speculated that the game is losing its hype due to the long development phase and the fact that no other details have been revealed since E3 2015.

Apart from “Kingdom Hearts 2.8,” it is also possible that Square Enix is focused in marketing the upcoming epic “Final Fantasy XV.” It’s possible that the company wants fans to focus on these two titles in the meantime but possibly, for good reason. It has been mentioned that “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” must be played first in order to gain full understanding of the story of “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

On the other hand, it is said that the final battle for “Kingdom Hearts 3” may have already been teased in “Kingdom Hearts X” since the final scene of the game noted the “Kingdom Hearts” prophecy of “seven lights and thirteen darknesses.” However, this speculation has yet to be confirmed.

“Kingdom Hearts X” will also be part of the game collection of “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” arriving this December.