‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ gameplay trailer reveals combat, major bosses

A screenshot from the new trailer for "Kingdom Hearts III," showing villains Maleficent and Pete. (YouTube/Kingdom Hearts)

Merely days before the E3 2017, Square Enix made sure that their fans will feel their presence.

Even though they do not have their own E3 press conference for “Kingdom Hearts III,” the video game developer released a gameplay trailer for the title. According to Gamespot, the company first released a trailer in Japanese before launching another with English subtitles.

Highlights of the trailer included some action-packed combat scenes, as well as never-before-seen levels. The most exciting part, however, are the game’s villains, which include Maleficent, Pete, and Hades. The trailer showed the three talking about a certain mysterious box. This item could be connected to “Kingdom Hearts 2.8” from 2016.

The game’s official Twitter account also posted other juicy details fans will certainly look forward to. “At the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour, we debuted Sora, Donald & Goofy helping Hercules battle various Heartless on Mount Olympus! #KH,” read the tweet.

At the start of the trailer, however, is a disclaimer saying the game is still under development. This means that nothing is final. Some elements can still be deleted or improved. Moreover, a text at the end of the trailer pops out with an invitation which says: “Join us next month at D23 Expo 2017 as we personally present a NEW WORLD and NEW TRAILER!”

As for the game’s official release date, a report from Engadget noted that it still doesn’t have one. This has left fans abuzz since the developers first teased the game four years ago.

On a positive note, the developers released new patches for “Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX Edition.”

In other Square Enix news, the developers announced a new fighting game for under the “Final Fantasy” franchise titled “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.” The game will be the franchise’s third fighting game that showcases characters from different “Final Fantasy” series. The game, which has been out in the Japanese arcades for a while, will come out on PlayStation 4.