Kingdom Hearts 3: will Captain America be latest character for the game? KH3 mobile version coming soon


Fresh rumors are now circulating that Captain America will be added to the list of characters making their way to Kingdom Hearts 3.

In a report by Day Herald, Square Enix is keeping mum about the possibility as Cap’s name is added to other characters who are rumored to be added to the game.

Earlier, Star Wars’ Darth Vader, Disney’s Elsa from the movie Frozen were also thought to become part of the franchise.

Meanwhile, fans are not quite confident that Square Enix will be making any Kingdom Hearts 3 announcements in the upcoming E3 in June because Kingdom Hearts developers have a reputation for delays.

According to the site, there is a better chance to make the announcement for D23 event in Japan which is slated for November.

Director Tetsuya Nomura, however, promised fans that the final output will be worth the wait.

“We have some interesting things planned… There will be KH3 news, and various things, I think. Development is going smoothly, but there will also be new announcements connected to it,” he told VC Post.

For his part, designer Tai Yasue said that developers are taking a longer time working on the game because of the shift to Unreal Engine 4.

Aside from launching Kingdom Hearts 3 video game, Square Enix is also planning to launch a mobile version of the game at the same time.

Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts 3 continues to enjoy a huge following after it ranked fourth in the Famitsu list of most wanted video games of 2015.

The game is joined by Final Fantasy XV, Fire Emblem If, Persona 5 (PS 3 and 4 versions), Tokyo Xanadu, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Kan Colle Kai, PoPoLoCrois Farm Story and Persona 4: Dancing All Night in the Top 10.