Kim Kardashian news: Star says son Saint looks just like her


Kim Kardashian gushed about her son, Sainty, during a livestream on her app on Friday.

Us Weekly reported that while the 35-year-old reality star announced she’s back to filming “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the mother-of-two couldn’t help but be distracted by her adorable son, Saint West.

“Hi, my boy,” Kardashian said cooing at her two-month-old off-cam. “My boy is watching me.”

“He’s so cute, you guys. You have no idea,” she told the audience.

She then asked her brother Rob Kardashian, who was playing with Saint, if the baby looks like her.

“He’s so cute. He looks just like me!” she said.

Fans might just have to settle for that for now as Kardashian and husband Kanye West are still trying to keep their baby away from the public.

Saint’s only photo online was his hand gripping older sister North’s finger.

Kardashian did spill some of the siblings’ adorable moments in her blog post.

“I’m about 2 months into breastfeeding and I’m not gonna lieit can be time-consuming,” she wrote. “For some reason, North hates when I feed the baby, and she lays on my lap so Saint can’t be right in front of me to eat, LOL! I’ve started to include her: Sometimes I will pump and have her feed him the bottle. That totally worked! She loved helping me, as opposed to my attention being off of her, and now she is my little helper.”

Saint West was born at eight pounds and one ounce on Dec. 5 in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Kim posted the announcement on Instagram with a photo of a group of emojis of what looked like their little family with the caption, “He’s here.”

While Kim was responsible of the pregnancy and giving birth, it was Kanye who was in-charge of giving their son the glorious name, Saint.