KickassTorrents update: KAT's alleged front company Cryptoneat disappears; other torrent sites receive massive user traffic


After the surprising shutdown of popular file sharing service KickassTorrents (KAT) last month, its alleged front company Cryptoneat has reportedly vanished from the World Wide Web.

According to Torrent Freak, the U.S. government revealed that KAT was apparently operating through the said company which is based in Ukraine. Aside from the disappearance of the official website, the main domain has also just expired.

After KAT’s alleged founder Artem Vaulin’s arrest in Poland and the extradition demanded by the United States, Cryptoneat’s two URLs, .com and .ua, were said to be still operational in the following days. However, at this time, both are now non-existent.

Jared Der-Yeghiayan, a special agent with Homeland Security Investigations, said in a statement, “As of on or about June 20, 2016, Vaulin’s LinkedIn profile identifies him as the founder of Cryptoneat and lists the company’s creation date as November 2009. On Cryptoneat’s Instagram and Facebook page I have viewed pictures of Vaulin purportedly at Cryptoneat’s office.”

“Many of the employees found on LinkedIn who present themselves as working for Cryptoneat are the same employees who received assignments from Vaulin in the KAT alert emails,” he added.

However, the news outlet noted that the U.S. Department of Justice appears to be not interested in seizing Cryptoneat’s domain for the meantime unlike several KAT-related mirrors and caches.

On a related note, users have flocked to different torrent sites for their multimedia needs. Reports claim that ExtraTorrents’ sign ups have increased by 200 percent and traffic by 300 percent, while sites like TorrentHound, Torrentdownloads, RBG, and have also experienced a similar surge in visitors.

One of the veteran sites, The Pirate Bay also emerged once more as favorite among downloaders. It created an alternative website for users to get files online and one of the staff members, codenamed Spud 17, shared that they have been receiving “overwhelming support from KAT users” on their forum.