Kickass Torrents news: Streaming now available on-site following The Pirate Bay's similar service launch last week


Just last week, The Pirate Bay surprised everyone by launching a new feature on their website that lets users stream their chosen TV show or movie without waiting for it to fully download. Now, similar torrent sharing site Kickass Torrents followed suit by introducing a similar service.

Torrents Time is also providing the same service to Kickass Torrents. The embedded torrent client lets users play files on the web domain with just one click after a user downloads the necessary plugin. It is no longer needed to go through the rigorous process of downloading and installing a different BitTorrent client, downloading the actual torrent, and playing the downloaded video. Add to that the need to find the correct player for the video file format.

The feature called “Online Streaming with Torrents Time” section is now located below the video torrents. If it does not show up upon one’s first time visit, the browser’s ad blocker setting should be turned off.

Unfortunately, like The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents has also faced a few roadblocks in the recent year with the latest involving Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox blocking user access to the website as it is said to have posed security concerns including ads leading to malware and other viruses.

“For the first time ever, the endless power of the free BitTorrent protocol was incorporated directly into the browser and allow torrent sites to implement features that a week ago were merely a dream,” Torrents Time told VentureBeat. “This is a real revolution on the way to an internet with more freedom which safely relies now on more p2p layers. The Torrents Time week-young technology will become, as a matter of days, the center core of most of the torrents world.”

The code is also available on GitHub where any website developer or owner can access it and potentially turn their own websites to a streaming site.