Kickass Torrents news: hackers using fake pop up window to who access users' personal information


One of the busiest torrenting sites “KickAss Torrents” which reportedly garners 332 million daily visitors has been on the receiving end of a hack recently.

According to International Business Times, users who access their page encounter a pop-up window that says there is a threat concerning their personal information and computers being compromised. In order to avoid it, they have to type in some details for technical support, however none of it is true.

The report added that the window mimics the iconic look of “Blue Screen of Death” that appears on PC Windows if the operating system has something missing or did not function properly. When it really happened to devices, the most common fix is the replacement of the OS, thus deleting all of the stored data in the computer.

The scam reportedly encourages users to download a specific file or application that grant hackers remote access to files including photos, documents and accounts. Through the malicious software, the hackers can also get passwords and lock the real owner out of their accounts.

According to The Register, one of their reporters called the customer service listed on the advertisement and was advised by the supposed technical support team member to just download the Supremo desktop protocol client like what has been instructed when they click the page. The IP address suggests that the call center uses local numbers similar to its target victims.

When the reporter said that they are aware of their wrongdoings, the other end of the line simply dropped the call.

The caller allegedly has a Panamanian accent which added to the speculation that the ad may be tied to Who-Is-protected domain, located in Panama and said to be the usual home for a variety of scams.

A representative from KickAss Torrents has been contacted but no official comment has been made yet.