Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom updates: Former couple are 'not back together'


Khloe Kardashian reveals that he and Lamar Odom are not back together, despite the buzz that the pair may have rekindled their romance after all the events that happened in the past few months.

“We’re not back together. We’re not at all,” Kardashian told E! Online.

She explained, “I love him with every fiber of my being… but we were married and I shared that union with him. I didn’t want for our divorce to happen, but it happened for many reasons and that doesn’t mean I just forget about this person.”

She also said that she is standing by the “I do” that she vowed during their wedding day, especially “being there” for Odom. However, Kardashian also admitted that it is not necessarily romantic.

“I know it’s confusing. it’s very confusing. It’s not a romantic place. It’s coming from a place of real care and concern and love.”

However, this does not mean that Kardashian is not yearning for a fresh start in their relationship. When asked about this, Kardashian told Ross Mathews, one of the guests at an episode of “Kocktails with Khloe” that she “hopes so.”

“I mean, that would be like the best dream… like, okay, I hope that first marriage could happen again, but it’s really hard to erase everything that happened. Just building a friendship back is what I’m doing now, it has nothing intimately, nothing at all, just pure love, and I want someone to learn how to love themselves again.” Odom was reportedly unfaithful to Kardashian in the entire period that they were married.

Odom was found unconscious in a brothel in Nevada last October due to overdosing with drugs. He has also suffered several strokes in the past few months, but made an amazing recovery, largely through his brother-in-law Kanye West’s help, as well as Kardashian standing by his side to care for him.

Kardashian even called off their divorce that was filed in 2013, arranged flights for Odom’s children to see him, and took care of the basketball player religiously during his hospitalization.