Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole album release date this year unlikely amid legal troubles


Many still anticipate for the next song collection from the collaboration between rappers J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, though some suggest that those waiting will have to keep doing so for a lot longer as the next project is unlikely to happen any time soon.

The Source speculates that any possible extended collaborative effort between the two high-profile hip-hop artists is currently next to impossible, primarily due to the fact that Lamar is currently embroiled in a legal battle. The Grammy Award-winning rapper is being sued by the Mattie Music Group for using one of the company’s properties without permission.

The Mattie Music Group alleges that Lamar copied parts of the musical composition of Bill Wither’s 1975 single “Don’t You Want To Stay,” which was then incorporated into the “I Do This” track of Lamar’s self-titled 2013 collection. The lawsuit states that Lamar already acknowledged the plagiarism, although the rapper only made the statements as a joke and did not take the claims seriously.

Lamar is also being sued by poet Sameerah Satterthwaite over the usage of certain aspects of her “Revolutionary Women” poem in Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” album, with the damages asked sitting at around $200 million. According to Satterthwaite, she had a discussion with Lamar back in November 2014 where she recited the poem to him.

During the discussion, Lamar allegedly told Satterthwaite that he would look out for her, which she took to be a verbal agreement. In fact, the poet’s name is even mentioned in the song “Alright” from “To Pimp a Butterfly” during the line, “Satterthwaite turn that s**t up/R.I.P., my diligence is to only write your eulogy.”

Satterthwaite’s case against Lamar asks for the rapper either to cease and desist all profits earned or for the poet to be compensated, with one of the five Grammy awards Lamar received for the album possible included.

With all of the above, Lamar is currently swamped by his problems in the justice system; to the point that dedicating effort to working on another album with J. Cole on top of his other projects might be impossible. Still, many hold out hope that yet another album could be produced between the two; until official word from either of the artists’ camps however, fans can only speculate.