Kendrick Lamar and J Cole album news: Lawsuits filed against Lamar may affect plans for album collaboration


Since 2012, fans of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole have been looking forward to their upcoming collaboration album. However, they may have to wait longer as Lamar may have to resolve his pending legal issues first. Reports about copyright infringement filed against Lamar have been circulating online, and people believe that the cases may affect the collaboration album.

Multiple online reports have stated that Top Dawg Music, Lamar, and the publishing unit of Warner Music Group are currently facing a lawsuit for incorporating rap lyrics into the tune of the track “I Do This” from singer Bill Withers’ 1975 single “Don’t You Want To Stay.”

According to court papers in Los Angeles gathered by BBC, the lawsuit was filed by Golden Withers Music and Musidex Music which hold the copyright to the song. The tune was included in Kendrick Lamar EP mixtape without the latters’ permission.

Aside from this recent case, Lamar has also been involved in several legal issues before. In July 2015, a freelance photographer allegedly sued Lamar for using his photo “The Blacker the Berry’ digital artwork” without any consent. In 2014, The Alan Parsons Project and Eric Woolfson also claimed that the hit rapper used their song “Old and Wise” for the track “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain).” Lamar is also facing lawsuit brought by Sameerah Satterthwaite whose poem titled “Revolutionary Women” were conceptually used in “To Pimp A Butterfly” album according to 

The artist is reportedly asking for $200 million in exchange for the rest of the copyright infringement issue, but Lamar has not responded to the case yet. Given all these lawsuits, fans of Lamar and Cole may have to wait longer for their album to drop as rumors say that Lamar wants to resolve all his legal issues first. 

Lamar and Cole have already worked together on collaborations although the upcoming album is considered the best one yet. Cole’s album “Born Sinner” featured Kendrick in its track titled “Forbidden Fruit” in 2013.