Katy Perry news Perry tops Forbes' famous women rich list, nuns reject her offer for convent


The 30-year-old musical beauty has truly achieved heights both for fame and for her wallet. Forbes has just declared her as the world’s richest famous woman for the year. In 2014 she earned $135 million, and joined the leagues of Robert Downey, Jr., Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, and her ex-friend Taylor Swift, the only other woman in the list.

But even with the favors she has gotten, she is not exactly on a group of Catholic nuns’ good side. They recently rejected her offer to buy an ex-convent in Los Angeles. The reason? They did not like what they saw when they ran a search on her videos. The entrepreneur and actress remains mum about the issue.

For her massive takings of 2014, she truly earned it. According to The Guardian, Perry worked hard and had 128 shows in 28 countries. One Direction, by comparison, only had 74 shows, bagging $130 million and the fourth slot on the Forbes’ list. She also has endorsements apart from her tours for brands such as Toyota, Adidas, and Moschino. She also has an online shop.

But she will have to do more to earn the nuns’ approval to use their old convent as her new home in Los Angeles. She is currently mired in a dispute between the archdiocese who wants to sell the property to her and the 5 nuns who are opposing it and opted to sell it to a businesswoman named Dana Hollister who plans to turn it into a hotel, restaurant, and bar. The value of the property is at $14.5 million according to CNN. Perry made a counter-offer June 5 but the sale with restaurateur Hollister was already underway. Hollister also already moved in despite court orders to suspend her actions on the much-disputed property. According to the archbishop, the nuns have no authority to sell the property without his approval.