Kate Middleton rumors: rumors of pregnancy with twins dismissed by Palace


Kate Middleton, a favorite among paparazzi, celebrity news sites and rumor mills, is in the spotlight again. A recent report claims that the duchess is once again pregnant, only this time, she is rumored to be carrying not just one but two royal babies. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has just delivered Princess Charlotte six months ago, but according to OK! Magazine, as reported by Hollywood Life, she and husband Prince William are expecting twin bundles of joy in April, reportedly a girl and a boy. The report mentioned on its magazine cover that the palace has confirmed and released the sonogram of the result. 

The source of the publication reportedly said: “To say she was shocked would be an understatement. She’s suffering more from exhaustion than anything else. She hasn’t had much of an appetite, so she’s hardly gained any weight. Kate is very good at putting on a brace face, but everyone just wants to make sure she’s taking care of herself.” 

However, Gossip Cop slammed the report, saying after an exclusive statement from the Duchess of Cambridge’s spokesperson, that neither a statement nor a sonogram was released from the palace. It further debunked the supposedly bed rest that the 33-year-old mom of two is taking, saying that she had actually attended the premiere of “Spectre,” the newest James Bond movie in London last Monday, as well as the 100 Women in Hedge Funds at Victoria & Albert Museum the following day. Additionally, it pointed out how OK! Magazine has released the same report for its March 2014 issue. 

Meanwhile, Celebrity Dirty Laundry is also in agreement with the false alarm, quoting from the magazine Prince William’s statement, “My mother would be so thrilled!” and mocking the magazine on how the prince is supposed to be implying that the late Princess Diana would be thrilled. 

It seems that this is once again false news being spread about the royal palace. It is highly unlikely for the couple to be having another baby again next year, especially when their two children are still under the age of three.