Kate Gosselin news: New season of 'Kate Plus 8' teased; reality star shares how she manages raising kids and dating


Kate Gosselin and her eight children are back in TLC’s reality series “Kate Plus 8” for another season full of laughter and adventure with some drama in between, as the kids deal with problems of their own.

Presumably to promote the fourth and new season, the 40-year-old mother recently appeared in “Today” with Katie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb to talk about the challenges of bringing up her large family composed of 15-year-old twins and 11-year-old sextuplets, alongside trying to find love again as she goes back to the dating scene.

The talk shows hosts shared to the audience a teaser showing twins Maddie and Cara talking to teenage boys at the beach which might have made their mom uncomfortable. “I was like, ‘I can’t deal with it.’ That moment was etched in my mind forever because I was like, ‘This is not okay with me,'” she said.

When asked how she manages to bring up her teens and tweens, she stated that she tries to deal with them the way she did when they were still babies. However, she also admitted that there have been some adjustments especially when it comes to her eldest, “I’ve heard the 15-year-old thing is scary, and I should get ready.”

When it comes to her love life, Kate delved into details about the time she agreed to have a blind date, “It was a blind date, which I kind of, have always had a rule… I don’t really have time to date, so I can’t really give that time when in the first five minutes, I could be like, ‘Um, so I could be at home in bed…’ You know, it’s time management. So, I agreed.”

Kate said that for her possible ideal man, she is looking for someone who can withstand the chaos and noise of her house. “A lot of people just can’t withstand all the movement in the house,” she said. “There’s some twists and turns that are quite surprising… so it’s kind of, it was like a test to anyone,” she added.

Season 4 of “Kate Plus 8” premieres on Tuesday, Dec. 8.