Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez rumors: Exes still text at least once a week


Singer Justin Beiber and model Hailey Baldwin may have spent the holidays in a romantic getaway but the “Love Yourself” singer has apparently not totally forgotten his “one true love,” Selena Gomez.

A source told Hollywood Life exclusively that the 23-year-old crooner still keeps in touch with Gomez. 

“He keeps up friendships and talks with many of his exes, including the only real love of his life Selena. Selena likes to know where he is and they still text at least once a week,” the source revealed. “Justin is enjoying his success and is focusing on living life to the fullest and right now that means not being tied down to any one woman.”

This may shake Bieber’s current 19-year-old girlfriend but another insider told the same website that Baldwin is confident that he will not leave her for Gomez anytime soon.

“Hailey’s not too concerned with Selena, Kourtney Kardashian or any woman in Justin’s life because she knows she’s his number 1,” another source told Hollywood Life

Bieber made sure Baldwin doesn’t have to worry when they spent the holidays in the Caribbean. The “What Do You Mean” singer serenaded the model with a guitar on the beach and surprised her with a pearl, saying he’s “lucky he found her.” 

“Justin’s such the playboy and so corny but Hailey ate it all up,” the source added. “No wonder why she really believes she’s his number 1. Hell, he even tells her she is.”

This doesn’t mean that Bieber is settling down anytime, though, for he appears to be still playing around and seeing other women. Being friends for many years, Baldwin presumably knows Bieber well enough now that she is said to have given him an ultimatum to “man up” and be serious with her.

Questions have surfaced, however, on why Baldwin seems to be no longer visible in Bieber’s recent Instagram posts