Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to reunite and collaborate on new song?


It has been almost a year since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen together. The on-again/off-again couple broke up in 2014 after three years of dating. Since then, the two are said to have remained friends and have been spotted spending time with each other in Los Angeles. Last year, both singers came out with brand new albums which made it to the top of the Billboard charts. Now, it appears that though their romantic relationship has ended, the duo might be reuniting to work on a new song together.

This weekend, Gomez took to Snapchat to post a video of her lounging in bed while listening to her version of “Let Me Love You.” The original version of the song is an electronic dance music (EDM) collaboration between Bieber and DJ Snake, which will be released on the DJ’s album, “Encore,” on Friday, Aug. 5. The video immediately sent “Jelena” fans into a speculation frenzy, as many thought that Gomez was hinting at a collaboration with her ex.

According to Us Weekly, fans recognized the song because DJ Snake previewed Bieber’s version on Twitter last week. In the song, the Canadian pop star can be heard singing, “Don’t you give up, I won’t give up, Let me love you.” DJ Snake further ignited collaboration rumors when he tweeted a purple heart emoji next to Gomez’s name on Monday, Aug. 1.

The website reports that Bieber is billed as the sole artist on the track on the iTunes pre-order page, which means that Gomez’s version could be a surprise cameo or a remix.

This isn’t the first time that a track featuring the two artists made the rounds online. Last year, a song titled “Strong” was leaked on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio, and the lyrics of the song seemed to address Gomez and Bieber’s relationship problems when they were still together.

However, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the duet is not new and that the pair recorded the song three years ago for fun. At the time, the insider said that the song was “never meant to be released” and that it’s not appearing on either Gomez’s or Bieber’s album.