'Justice League' news: Director Zack Snyder teases upcoming superhero laden film


The more, the merrier as they say and as much as everyone enjoys the “Avengers,” at some point, someone is going to make a similar themed movie. That is what DC Comics is trying to achieve when they roll out the “Justice League’s” part one which is slated to be out in 2017.

As of now, information regarding the plot is still scarce given the amount of time that the film still has. On top of that, two giant movies which can somehow be assumed to be related to “Justice League” will roll out this year namely “Suicide Squad” and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Both films will have Zack Snyder’s touch in them with him being the executive producer of “Suicide Squad” and the director of “Batman v. Superman”

“We’re working on ‘Justice League’ right now, right?”, he said in an interview with Obsev. “In a weird way, ‘Justice League’ is the next step for these characters to form a bigger team. Maybe there’s a bigger enemy to fight.”

The 49-year-old filmmaker is not new to superhero movies as part of his impressive resume is also directing Henry Cavill’s “Man of Steel” in 2013. Despite this, Snyder said that the process in making such movies is not an easy task.

“It’s a difficult process, making a superhero movie. [It’s] a lot of costumes and long hours… We shot in Detroit in the winter and it’s cold, and it was hot in the summer. There’s a lot of adversity, but those two guys were troopers and they really just put their heads down and did amazing work.”

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will be rolling out in cinemas on March 25, while “Suicide Squad” will be released on Aug. 5