'Just Cause 3' DLC pack news: Video game gets first of three extension packs in 'Sky Fortress'


Avalanche Studios is treating “Just Cause 3” fans to an expansion pack slated to drop sometime this month. Titled “Sky Fortress,” the extension will be providing two three-hour story contents for gamers who cannot seem to get enough of the game.

A trailer has been recently released for the DLC which shows protagonist, Rico Rodriguez, suited up and wearing a wing pack. He flies up while shooting a couple of drones along his way. The additional equipment Rodriguez now has gives “Just Cause 3” players extra fire power. Missile Rockets and a machine gun can also be used to engage drones in order to protect their airborne installation.

In a separate shot sequence, Rodriguez is also shown charging through a battlefield while dodging bullets and missiles. In the end, he casually flies away while the massive air structure gets blown up.

A report by Trusted Reviews calls the newest addition to the game a satisfying and fresh content because of the supplementary gears and enhanced mechanics.

“Sky Fortress” is the first out of the three supposed DLC packs that “Just Cause 3” will be having with the other two set to have land and sea settings. Square Enix, publisher of the video game, is planning to release the remaining two DLCs every two months starting this month.

After finishing “Sky Fortress” fans of the video game can expect the second expansion dubbed as “Land MechAssault” sometime in May or June. It will involve a heavily armored land vehicle similar to a tank but with an additional gravity gun. Unfortunately, the third DLC which will be called “Bavarium Sea Heist” does not have an official description yet.