Jurassic World 2 plot: sequel won't be 'just a bunch of dinosaurs chasing people on an island', says Colin Trevorrow


After raking in more than $1.5 billion in box-office and landing as the third highest grossing film of all time, Universal recently confirmed that “Jurassic World” will have a sequel, slated for release on June 22, 2018.

The studio take to Twitter to announce the date. Reprising their roles as Owen Grady and Claire are Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, respectively. Frank Marshall is coming back as a producer alongside Steven Spielberg. While, Colin Trevorrow, who previously decided that he will not direct additional installments in the franchise, will also produce and pen the script with co-writer Derek Connolly.

Talking exclusively to Wired UK, Trevorrow teased that the next movie may move beyond Isla Nublar, “[It will not be] just a bunch of dinosaurs chasing people on an island. That’ll get old real fast. I feel like the idea that this isn’t always going to be limited to theme parks, and there are applications for this science that reach far beyond entertainment. And when you look back at nuclear power and how that started, the first instinct was to weaponise it and later on we found it could be used for energy.”

He added that as the director of Jurassic World, he has planted “a seed” in the movie that “might be able to grow” and serve as future storylines if Spielberg gives the go signal for more films.

He also hinted that for the viewers who have seen the movie and remember Dr. Henry Wu’s warning, “We’re not always going to be the only ones who can make a dinosaur,” his statement may be used as a framework in which the story can expand and InGen may not be the only one who can create new breeds of dinosaurs.

Some speculations suggest that the major change in the name of the franchise from “Park” to “World” may probably be given more light in the sequel, and rumors have it that the possibility of having human and dinosaur hybrids may be explored.