'Jurassic World 2' news: Juan Antonio Bayona to direct? Sequel to expand theme park idea in 'Jurassic World' universe


Speculations are high that “The Impossible” director Juan Antonio Bayona is the leading contender to helm the “Jurassic Park” sequel.

According to a report by Deadline, Bayona was earlier being considered to direct the dinosaur movie, but he signed on to direct the “World War Z” sequel instead. Now that he has stepped away from the project because of conflicts, rumors that he would consider working on “Jurassic World 2” is again alive.

Colin Trevorrow, who directed the first movie, will not be available to direct the sequel as he has committed to work on “Star Wars Episode IX.” He will still be part of production as executive producer and scriptwriter.

While there is much excitement over the possibility of Bayona accepting the project, there are also those who are worried if he could handle a big budget film franchise like “Jurassic World” since he is more familiar with television series and music videos.

Still, those who have seen his previous works have faith that the director will be able to handle the project with flying colors.

Meanwhile a report from the Australia News network hinted that the next main villain in the film will be far more terrifying than the T-Rex hybrid introduced in the first movie.

The site reported that the new dinosaur will have a striking resemblance to the T-Rex but will feature spikes on its back like that of a stegosaurus.

Another piece of news about the next movie is that the setting may not be limited to an island like in the previous movies.

In an interview with Wired, Trevorrow said that in craftying the story for the sequel, they wanted to keep it fresh and not be limited by the theme park idea.

“I feel like the idea that this isn’t always going to be limited to theme parks, and there are applications for this science that reach far beyond entertainment. And Dr. Wu says in the film, when he’s warning Dr Mesrani, ‘We’re not always going to be the only ones who can make a dinosaur.’ I think that’s an interesting idea that even if we don’t explore fully in this film, there is room for this universe to expand. I shouldn’t use the word universe, because people will think we’re making a ‘Jurassic World’ universe — we’re not,” he said.