Joy For All Companion Pet Cat: Hasbro launches new toy feline for the elderly


Toy company Hasbro has released a new toy targeting a new demographic the seniors. With realistic fur, purrs, and meows, the toy manufacturer aims to bring joy and companionship to seniors who miss their pets or need a pet alternative.

“We heard from seniors across the country that companionship was important to their happiness. Many live alone, miss having a pet, or are no longer able to care for a pet,” said Ted Fischer, vice president of business development at Hasbro. “While it’s not a replacement for a pet, the JOY FOR ALL Companion Pet Cat is a life-like alternative that can provide the joy and companionship of owning a real pet, without the often cumbersome responsibilities.” 

The robotic cat has built-in sensors which helps it respond with purrs and meows when petted or hugged or when their owners simply move near them. Seniors who have received the toy cat have stated that it has brought them love, comfort, and happiness. 

The Joy For All Companion Pet cat is available in three variants. There’s the creamy white cat, the silver cat with white mitts, and the orange tabby cat. The product can be bought at and Amazon for $99.99. 

The Companion Pet Cat is the first product line from the company’s Joy For All Brand. It is also the first product Hasbro has released that caters to the elderly demographic.

Despite these firsts, however, the Joy For All Companion Pet cat is not the first robotic toy to be used by elders, according to Huffington Post. The PARO Therapeutic Robot performs similar functions and claims similar benefits as Hasbro’s toy cat. It’s a baby harp seal that has been certified by Guinness as the World’s Most Therapeutic Robot. Most of its users are organizations like Alzheimer Association and Passages Hospice and has been featured on an episode of “Master of None,” an American comedy show starring Aziz Ansari.