Josh Duggar news: First photos of former reality star after scandal surfaces online


Josh Duggar and his family are trying to get back in the normal groove of things after finishing his rehab stint earlier this year. The first photos of the eldest Duggar child have recently made their way online giving the world a glimpse on how Josh is coping after a tumultuous year.

The set of photos, exclusively published by People Magazine is a seemingly thinner Josh was selling used cars back in his hometown of Arkansas. From the looks of it, the 28-year-old former reality star is re-joining his family’s business of restoring and selling used automobiles.

As previously reported, Josh is also said to be booked for a public speaking tour. Shall the gig come into fruition, rumor has it that it will be massive in scale that will have him travel around the world as part of this year’s Christian Fundamentalist’s slate of events.

But while Josh has continued to keep a low-key profile, his wife, Anna, has had some spotlight on her in the recent months via “Jill & Jessa: Counting On.” The “19 Kids and Counting” spin-off which regularly features the 27-year-old has opened up about the ordeal that their family had to go through. At one point, she even talked about that time when she visited his husband in the facility he previously stayed in saying “this visit was great because it definitely gives a lot of hope, but also the weight of everything is there and so it definitely drives me deeper to my faith.”

Amidst all the drama, Anna continues to stay behind her husband and even look forward to what she believes will be brighter days ahead.

“I think it’s daily, there’s going to be a lot of work and there kind of is a long process ahead, but we’ll just kind of take it one day at time and keep trusting god and doing the right thing,” she said. “I think there’s lots of hope for the future and a lot of excitement. But, in some ways, there are a lot of steps before it’s where it needs to be.”