Joey Feek health latest update: Country singer celebrates Christmas with family


Country artist Joey Feek has spent the holidays alongside family members and loved ones.

In an entry posted on their personal blog “This Life I Live” by her husband Rory Feek, he documented the gatherings and shared that they are very joyful that Joey is not only with them but she is doing well. “Ours was the belief that it was going to be a wonderful, magical Christmas. We didn’t really believe it down deep inside we knew we knew better but still we told ourselves and each other that it was going to be great,” he said.

“Christmas had come and Joey was not only here with us, but she was doing well and we all had an amazing day together,” he added.

He then recounted their traditional celebration from reading a book, putting on festive pyjamas, baking cookies, exchanging gifts, and having big dinner with the family on her side.

“It truly was an incredible Christmas! Sometimes believing is seeing. And so as the New Year approaches, we will continue to believe and trust that what is waiting on the other side of the deep, dark wood is something even better and more beautiful than our minds can even imagine,” he concluded.

Last month, the 49-year old husband expressed his concern that during Christmas, the singer may not make it as she continues to suffer from the difficulties of having cancer. He said in another post written in November that the yuletide season was far from his mind.

Joey was diagnosed in 2014. After undergoing several intensive treatments, she decided not to pursue treatments anymore and just receive hospice care to await her fate. People reported that the family has relocated to her childhood home in Indiana last October, and although they have been struggling with her situation, they do their best to deal with it positively and make the most of her time.