'Jessica Jones' season 2 release date, spoilers: is Sigourney Weaver's character the new villain?


The second season of “Jessica Jones” has become more enticing to television viewers, thanks to the hype of a couple of other shows that are in one way or another connected to it “Luke Cage” and “The Defenders,” both of which are also under the same programming umbrella of Netflix.

In season 2 of “Jessica Jones,” there is absolute certainty that a new villain will be introduced and this is supported by the simple fact that the heroine managed to finally subdue last season’s evilest, Kilgrave (David Tennant). Will Jones (Krysten Ritter) find herself a more ferocious enemy in the new season? Well, judging by how the series turned into a very serious conflict between good and bad in the first season finale, one can easily speculate that there is someone worse coming.

Rumors have it that veteran actress Sigourney Weaver might very well play that unknown villainous character since she made a rather surprising appearance at Marvel’s panel during the recently held New York Comic Con, confirming earlier speculations that she will be joining “The Defenders.”

There might be some truth to the prospect but viewers will have to wait longer than usual for season 2 of “Jessica Jones” considering that Netflix will be a lot more focused on upcoming shows like “Iron Fist” and “The Defenders.” However, it wouldn’t really hurt that much to wait for it until 2018, especially if one is to believe rumors that several Marvel characters will be making their respective appearances in the new season. The list includes Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Iron Fist (Finn Jones), and Daredevil (Charlie Cox), who are all likewise appearing in “The Defenders.” It’s easy to say right now that Weaver will likely be the villain for that series, but how about “Jessica Jones?” Is it possible for the same character to be the antagonist in two Netflix shows?

“The Defenders” is slated to air in the latter part of next year while season 2 of “Jessica Jones” will follow in early 2018.