'Jessica Jones' season 2 news: Production to begin in 2017


Netflix has officially picked up the hit superhero series “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” for a second season earlier this year. However, it seems like fans have to wait a little longer for the new installment to hit the small screens.

According to Bloomberg, the production of the TV show will start sometime in 2017. Showrunner and writer Melissa Rosenberg appeared in the news outlet’s podcast titled “The City of Scenes,” where she talked about the project’s development and some of the challenges they encountered while filming in New York City.

More than 45 television productions and 300 films a year are said to be shot in the location which makes it difficult to hire crew members. “New York is an incredibly busy town right now, which makes it more challenging to find great crews, because everybody is working,” Rosenberg shared. However, a generous state tax credit program sweetened the deal for the projects.

Rosenberg also lauded the series’ star Krysten Ritter who portrays the titular role. She said that unlike the characters of Daredevil and Batman, Jessica Jones does not wear a mask and the actress has to do her own stunts such as jumping on real subway tracks while fending off bad guys. “Man, Ritter just went for it. She is fearless, that woman. We didn’t fake anything,” the executive producer added.

The renewal of the series did not come as a surprise for some of the industry followers since the freshman run garnered mostly positive reviews when it was released last year.

However, Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos explained previously that the scheduling of more seasons for the streaming giant’s Marvel universe revolves around the team-up mini-series, “The Defenders.”

“It’s possible, right now, these are produced at the scale of a major film, so they’re long production times and long post times. In some cases we have character crossover, which makes it more difficult to manage production in a way to jam two or three in. It’s not the goal, certainly, to put more than one or two out a year,” he elaborated.