'Jessica Jones' season 2 air date, spoilers, news: Every episode will be directed by a woman


Three cheers for girl power. “Jessica Jones” already has a female lead in Krysten Ritter portraying the titular character. It also has a female showrunner in Melissa Rosenberg. However, that is still not enough to tilt the scales in a male-dominated industry. But that’s about to change because the directors working on all 13 episodes of “Jessica Jones” season 2 are going to be women. Yes, all of them.

During a panel at Transforming Hollywood 7: Diversifying Entertainment last weekend, Rosenberg told the audience the news and said her initial goal was to increase the number of female directors for the show’s second season. They wanted to get women directors first before they get male directors later in the pre-production process.

However, someone had a better idea. Why not book only women directors? Rosenberg admitted that she did not think of the idea and someone involved in the production came up with it first, but she jumped at the chance to do it. Sounds like Marvel is totally on board with the decision, in fact, they are looking for a female director to helm “Captain Marvel.”

“Jessica Jones” will follow the footsteps of Ava DuVernay’s “Queen Sugar” as the OWN series also had female directors for all the episodes in its debut season.

Aside from that, Rosenberg didn’t reveal much about the upcoming season. She only said that the scripts were almost done and filming would take place next year.

While the wait for “Jessica Jones” season 2 is going to be long, the show’s fans can still see the character in “The Defenders” next year. Besides Jessica Jones, the series will also feature Matt Murdock aka Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), and Danny Rand aka Iron Fist (Finn Jones).

Since Netflix has a “two Marvel series per year” policy, fans won’t be seeing the second season of “Jessica Jones” until 2018.