Jeremy Lin news: Player and Vanessa Wu in Adidas prank video; shooting coach says Lin is 'in much better position'


Recent addition to Charlotte Hornets, NBA player Jeremy Lin has been spending some of his off-season time in Taiwan doing a prank video for Adidas.

Titled as “Undercover Trainers,” Lin donned a fake beard, wig and added some faux weight on the six-minute footage alongside actor and singer Vaness Wu. The two acted as Wayne and Vincent respectively who pretended to be the world’s worst gym trainers.

At the start of the clip, Lin tossed towels to gym members and when a person enters wearing his jersey, he reacted with mock disgust. He then talked to another client saying, “I am Wayne. Do you have a nickname? Can I give you one? So you have a white towel, a white t-shirt… How about ‘Little White Bunny!'”

Lin and Wu roamed around the gym, messing around with people as they workout. The former even bet against a woman in deadlifting a barbell. He added more weight in the hope that she could not lift it. However, he lost and had to do ten push-ups as a consequence. The duo end their shenanigans crashing a session of aerobics.

During behind-the-scenes, Lin was recognized by one customer. The player also learned that the woman that he challenged is actually a London Olympic medalist.

Formerly a member of New York Knicks, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers, Lin became a household name during 2012 when the “Linsanity” craze was at its peak. He recently agreed to a two-year contract with Hornets, worth $5 million.

His shooting coach Doc Scheppler previously mentioned in an interview with HoopsHabit that he feels confident about Lin’s decision with Hornets, “We’re very excited about this year. He’s in much better position with great coach. One reason he signed with Charlotte is because of the coach, Steve Clifford. It came down with Jeremy’s sit down for two hours with Clifford. After it, he said to me, ‘Doc, this guy knows the game. He reminds me of Peter (Diepenbrock, Lin’s high school coach). He’s into X’s and O’s. We just talked basketball,” he said.