Jeremy Lin news: Player reportedly tops list of players vying for "Sixth Man of the Year" award


It’s a good year for NBA star Jeremy Lin as he proves to be one of the best players in the court for the current season.

According to SB Nation, after moving to Charlotte Hornets and post-Linsanity craze, he is a pleasant surprise to fans. His skills and versatility while playing have been significant to the team’s success.

The report cited in particular his role in the bench unit that is said to be an important factor that can make him in the running for “Sixth Man of the Year.” His camaraderie and antics have also helped build strong chemistry with his teammates.

Morning News USA reported that Lin is actually the leading candidate in the five-man race for the award this season.

The other players also vying to become the Sixth Man awardee include Will Barton of Denver Nuggets, Victor Oladipo of Orlando Magic, Enes Kanter of Oklahoma City Thunder, and Ryan Anderson of New Orleans Pelicans.

The report explained that there are two main points that puts him on the top of the list so far. First is his plus/minus rating that gave Hornets advantage over opponents by 8.4 points per 100 possessions when he is on the floor. Second, the team emerged as a top-tier in the Eastern Conference.

Compared to the other nominees, it seems like his strongest opponent will be Kanter as his statistics includes 11.1 and 7.9 rebounds from 20 minutes per game based on 28 games, and his team is on the third place in the Western Conference.

Lin’s numbers are 11.7 points, 3.1 assists, and 2.9 rebounds, but his defensive ratings are better. He is reportedly averaging more steals and blocks combined than his previous four seasons.

If Hornets continue their gameplay for the next few months, it is deemed that Lin is more likely to be the one who brings home the prestigious recognition.