Jeremy Lin news: NBA analyst not banking much on Lin's addition regarding Nets' performance


Jeremy Lin’s New York comeback via signing with the Brooklyn Nets has generated enough interest and has even elevated the hopes of loyal fans of the franchise. Nevertheless, analyst Shaun Powell advises everyone that Lin’s arrival does not mean that the team’s chances in the league’s upcoming season have significantly changed.

In his 30 Teams in 30 Days feature, the veteran correspondent deconstructed where the Nets are currently in the overall thick of things and unfortunately, his assessment is not essentially a good one. Saying that the Eastern team is building “a battleship with scrap metal,” Powell did not shy away from sharing that the Nets are one of the worst teams coming into the new tourney despite the much-hyped acquisition of Lin.

“Lin is a smart buy, an energetic overachiever who is beloved by fans and will undoubtedly bring some buzz to an arena that needs it,” the analyst wrote. “Lin isn’t the talent who took the city and the Knicks by storm a few years ago. Since then, he has fallen into a backup-level point guard who occasionally delivers starter-like flashes.”

In hindsight, Lin had provided much needed support from the bench especially with his somewhat renaissance during his most recent stint with the Charlotte Hornets. However, what the Nets actually need is a sturdy franchise player who can lead the team, something that Lin has arguably let go of since leaving the New York Knicks.

Needless to say, his comeback to the state has been a conversation starter among many NBA fans which only means that interest on him is still burgeoning. And the squad may be hoping that it generates buzz for the whole team as well. Still, Brett Yormak, CEO of the Brooklyn-based franchise, is maintaining that getting Lin was not just for advertising purposes but what his capabilities can actually do for the Nets.

“Our new coach, Kenny Atkinson, has a history with Jeremy. They were on the Knicks together,” Yormak said in an interview with China’s TenCent QQ Sports during his recent trip to Beijing. “But when we were looking at what we needed to fill during the off-season, the point guard position was obviously the first initiative for us. And they felt that Jeremy would be the right player for the Brooklyn Nets.”