Jeremy Lin news: Charlotte Hornets to go with two PG-backcourt players? Lin concludes 3rd fan appreciation week


Jeremy Lin is expected to play a key role for the Charlotte Hornets in the upcoming NBA season and this has something to do with head coach Steve Clifford’s unorthodox strategy.

It can be recalled that when Lin was signed as a back up point guard by the Hornets, he was expected to support Kemba Walker. But now, it would seem that the head coach may be opting for a double point guard back court by putting both guards in the court at the same time, reported Yibada.

An analysis by Baseline Buzz hinted that this could be a good idea given that both players have different strengths. While Walker is a great isolation player who can do well in one on one situations, Lin is a great shooter which Walker still needs to work on. Walker on the other hand, is good at protecting the ball and charts fewer turnovers than Lin.

Still, it remains to be seen if Clifford will go through with his experiment as having two guards also puts the play at a disadvantage against bigger and stronger players from the opposing team.

Meanwhile, Lin recently concluded his fan appreciation week with a series of activities that centers on the people who have supported his basketball journey, the Gospel Herald reported.

The basketball star made full use of his social media accounts from August 16-20, which he dubbed his 3<sup>rd annual Fan Appreciation Week. Last August 16, he launched his #SuperheroSunday Instagram Photo Contest, and the next day, he unveiled his Facebook Meme Contest. He also engaged fans in a Twitter Multiple Choice Quiz on August 18 and started a Facebook Q/A, on the 19th. On August 20, there was an Instagram Video Contest. The winners were announced on the 21<sup>st.

He also used his Twitter account to give praise for God’s love and to thank God for his blessings and for keeping him centered.

“The most simple and beautiful truth: God’s love is given, it doesn’t need to be earned,” he tweeted.