Jeremy Lin news: Brooklyn Nets newbie doesn\'t know what to expect in the upcoming NBA season


With two weeks left before the start of the new National Basketball Association (NBA) season, teams are slowly getting into the groove of routines that they will be strictly following in the months to come as the tourney unfolds. And while Brooklyn Nets is no different, there is some air of hope in the Eastern team especially with the vibe that new recruit Jeremy Lin and new coach Kenny Atkinson bring to the table.

Following the team’s practice earlier this week, the two latest additions to the Nets were interviewed by Nets Daily and they candidly revealed their thoughts on their season opener against the Detroit Pistons.

“The big thing right now is that we’ve been practicing. It’s one thing to practice, but when you get in the game and see the film, a lot of stuff that might work in practice in a real game is going to be different,” Lin shared. “This is going to be our first experience of really what it’s going to look like, and I have no idea what to expect.”

While the former Charlotte Hornet is cautious, he added that he believes that the game will have surprises but did not indicate whether he is pertaining to his team or their adversaries. Needless to say, Lin and his new squad are taking the season one game at a time. He also admitted that so far, they have not yet even thrown the word “playoffs” in the equation.

Meanwhile, Atkinson radiated excitement in starting his new stint in leading the Nets. Despite being a first-time NBA team helmer, the 49-year-old is by no means a stranger to the league. He had gigs as an assistant coach for the New York Knicks where he previously got to work with Lin and then transferred to the Atlanta Hawks a couple of years later.

“Yeah, there’s a little more anticipation,” Atkinson spilled. “I’m just excited. I want to start getting in a routine, getting in a game routine, figuring out how I’m going to work. … I can’t wait to feel it and figure out how I’m going to approach game day. I have an idea, but is that ideal? And improve on that as the season goes.”

Catch Lin and Atkinson on their debut performance with the Brooklyn Nets when they go up against the Detroit Pistons on Nov. 2, 7: 30 p.m. ET.