Jeremy Lin news: Coach Clifford pairing player with Walker in similar tie-up to Golden State's Curry-Thomson tandem


Things will be different for Jeremy Lin and his new team, Charlotte Hornets, as head coach Steve Clifford shares what he plans for them to do on the court during the season.

After the trial and error rotation of key players last year and missing out the play offs for the fourth time in five seasons, Charlotte Hornets Head Coach Steve Clifford said that Jeremy Lin and Kemba Walker can play together for their team this season, similar to the play of champion team Golden State Warriors last season.

Walker is the starting point guard of Hornets from last season, the same position that Lin played in his previous team, Los Angeles Lakers. Clifford told Charlotte Observer that “It’s always good to have two pick-and-roll players on the floor. That way you can put pressure on the defense at one side, they switch it to the other. That makes more room to play similar to how Golden State does. You’ve got [Stephen Curry] on one side, and then you’ve got Kay Thomson on the other with room to operate. That’s what Kemba can do with Jeremy and Jeremy can do for Kemba,” notes Sports Mole.

After Lin’s seemingly disappointing performance with the LA Lakers last season, some attributing it to Coach Byron Scott’s unpredictable rotations, Clifford is opening up some new options for Lin in Charlotte Hornets and even envisions him to play a role similar to last year’s MVP Stephen Curry and scoring machine Klay Thomson.

NBC Sports said that this is an interesting concept and could work in small doses, but Clifford will have difficulty in finding playing time for the two point guards, especially since he also has to find playing time for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Nicolas Batum, and Jeremy Lamb. There will be lots of players to mix and match. The same review also said that both Lin and Walker may be more suited for sixth man, instant offense roles, as compared to Golden State Warrior’s Thomson, who is a better defender than both, thus making their play last year work better. Nonetheless, as the Hornets have several talented players on their roster, it will be worth seeing how they will do in court during the season.

How do you think Lin and Walker will perform in the set up?