Jeremy Lin gets sidelined after hamstring injury midway through Brooklyn Nets' win over Dallas Pistons


During Jeremy Lin’s fifth official game as the starting point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, the professional basketball player suffered an unfortunate injury straining his left hamstring.

The incident left the Harvard alum sitting on the bench in the last two quarters of the Nets’ National Basketball Association season opener against the Dallas Pistons at Barclays Center on Wednesday. Fortunately, the rest of his new squad was able to get the job done getting on the tourney’s standing board with 1 win.

Lin being sidelined could possibly be one of the reasons for the Pistons rallying in the second half of the game, coming close but not quite with a 109-101 loss. Needless to say, head coach Stan Van Gundy and the Pistons made a valiant effort slimming down the Nets’ 21-point lead thus giving their opponents a run for their money. However, the cushion proved to be enough for the New Yorkers to come out on top following a fiery start having nabbed 71 points in the first half.

A couple of days ago, Lin talked about owning his new role as part of the starting lineup for his new team and how excited he is at  being coach Kenny Atkinson’s extension inside the court.

“To have this role, I’m so excited I can’t even really explain just how happy I am. There’s days where after we work out or play pickup or whatever, I’m just like, Man, it feels natural. I’m a leader. I’m a starting point guard. I run the show and that’s something I’ve done my whole life on the court,” the 28-year-old baller told Slam Online. “So the last few years playing in a backup position, to me, that’s not who I was created to be as a player, that’s not natural. I feel like I wanna be the guy in the front. I wanna be the guy leading the charge, and I feel that here.”

Proving his eagerness to steer the Nets to a different course this season, the match against the Pistons is only the second time that Lin did not top his team in terms of assists in the ongoing season. In his debut back then against the Boston Celtics, it was Trevor Booker who scored the assists accolade with five but in a losing effort. Since then, Lin topped the category and it could have been the same thing against the Pistons if he was not sidelined.

Lin has been diagnosed with a strained left hamstring and will be out for at least two weeks. As such, he will miss the Nets’ next game against his former team, the Charlotte Hornets, at Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York this Friday, Nov. 4.