Jeremy Lin, Brooklyn Nets news: veteran guard talks about new team's defensive woes


If it is any indication, the Brooklyn Nets are in for a promising season this year with the arrival of a new starting point guard in the person of Jeremy Lin. Joining a team that considers New York as its home city is rather awkward and coincidental for the veteran guard from Harvard since about five years ago, he was the center of a phenomenon called “Linsanity.” During his stint with the New York Knicks, he made headlines by scoring in bunches and winning games for the team in a particular stretch. Fast forward five years, he’s practically in the same city but in a completely different team and environment.

But Lin is taking it one step at a time. In a recent interview with the New York Post, he was more open to talking about his new team’s defensive problems. When asked about the team being the worst in defense last season and one of the worst in the preseason, he said that it definitely concerns him. He acknowledged that to win games in the league, they have to make sure they aren’t at the bottom when it comes to stopping competing teams.

“We have to find ways to get stops consistently. Defensively we need to be more on a string,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nets Daily reported that Lin is feeling “extremely excited” about the new National Basketball Association season. The 28-year-old undrafted player emphasized that he has been waiting for the opportunity to start for a new team and focus on having more fun on the court.

The Nets missed the playoffs once again last season and a huge chunk of the blame was pinned on the team’s defense. This season, the addition of former Atlanta Hawks assistant coach Kenny Atkinson and Lin could potentially signal the start of a new era. It’s inaccurate to say that this current lineup is playoff bound, but Lin’s leadership could spell the difference.