Jennifer Lawrence news: Actress and 'Hunger Games' co-star Liam Hemsworth rumored to be dating


It’s no doubt that Jennifer Lawrence has been one effective actress regardless of who she partners up with, but there is just a certain glow of chemistry between the 25-year-old actress and her “Hunger Games” co-star, Liam Hemsworth.

The two have been open about their relationship saying that it was nothing than just being really good friends. Hemsworth even dished out on his onscreen kissing scene with the Academy Award winner saying that although Lawrence is easy to work with, she always makes it a point eat tuna before a smooching scene is filmed making him really feel disgusted about it. Their obvious comfortablility may seem to have already crossed borders between just friends to lovers.

Lawrence and Hemsworth are reportedly dating each other after the two were spotted in New York packing up the PDA. Last month, a source from Irish Independent revealed that the co-stars were spotted having dinner at The Waverly Inn in the Big Apple. “Everyone knows what’s going on, the chemistry is so obvious. They’re so compatible, and it’s not just about looking good together. They have the same sense of humour — when they’re together, they laugh non-stop,” the informant furthered.

25-year-old Hemsworth has also recently been the topic of numerous news as the Australian actor revealed his decision to go vegan. Miley Cyrus’ ex-fiance talked to Men’s Fitness and was quoted saying, “About six months ago, I went and saw a nutritionist to do a blood-diet analysis. He basically told me, based on my blood type and all the other different little tests they do, that red meat was good for me, and I should eat a lot more red meat and various other foods. So I started doing that, and the more red meat I ate, the worse I felt… Woody Harrelson was actually one of the original reasons I became vegan, because he’s been vegan for, I don’t know, 30 years or something… It’s been almost five months now.”