Jenelle Evans news: after months apart, Teen Mom reconciles with Nathan Griffith; still fighting mom for custody of Jace


Jenelle Evans, who broke up with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith in the beginning of the year, has reportedly decided to get back together with him.

Us Magazine reports that the pair were seen together on Thursday and that she was wearing her engagement ring.  

It comes after she spent time with him on Fathers’ Day, along with her son Kaiser, who is celebrating his first birthday.

Evans, who cited physical abuse and other irreconcilable differences, split up with Griffith and has spent the last two months shooting for Teen Mom. But despite her schedule and her differences with Griffith, she decided to spend time with him for Kaiser’s birthday.

On the occasion, she tweeted a picture along with a caption that read: “Happy Fathers Day.”

She also posted several updates on her Twitter account which indicate that she had a fun day with her former beau and her son. 

“I’m waaaaaay too generous these days lmao, never again!!!”

 “Even though we have our ups and downs one thing will never change U are and always will be a great father.”

Despite having spent some quality time together, looks like Evans won’t be getting back together with Griffith. Evans is rumored to be seeing somebody else, although there are no pictures available for confirmation. She is reportedly working to complete her schooling and raising her kids. 

Reportedly, Evans’ mother, Barbara has been helping her to get back her life together, by helping her with her kids and looking after them. Barbara has been taking care of Evans’ first son Jace, for almost six years now. And now Evans is fighting for custody, as she reportedly took the issue to court, in order to regain Jace’s custody from Barbara.

In a new trailer released for the next episode of Teen Mom, Barabara is seen saying: “Jenelle’s taking me to court.”

The trailer also shows Evans saying, “When I get Jace back, you will not see him.”