'Jane the Virgin' spoilers, plot news: Showrunner explains latest episode's shocking twist


Last Monday was a total heartbreak. One of the most loved characters in “Jane the Virgin” Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) husband to be precise has died in the tenth episode. However, the showrunner indicated that it’s been planned since the first season.

“I’d been hinting season 1 that it was going to happen. The question was, ‘When?'” Jennie Snyder Urman, the showrunner, spoke with Entertainment Weekly.

Urman stated that she tried to keep Brett Dier’s character, Michael, in the series because she adored Brett as an actor, and they wanted “Jane to go through all those firsts with him.” She admitted that writing off Michael in the story was a hard thing to do.

“It was a really difficult episode to write, and part of the reason that we put in those warnings early on, and especially in that first season, was because I felt like this was the story,” Urman stated.

As noted on the Feb. 6 episode titled “Chapter Fifty-Four,” Jane was so happy when she finally got the job. Michael, on the other hand, was nervous about the test the following day. To relax her husband, she brought him to the place where they used to have dates prior to getting married. They even planned on having a second child.

On the day of the exam, Michael suddenly collapsed and died at the test center. Jane was not by his side.

“There’s something about the last time you see someone, and you don’t know it’s the last time you’ve seen someone,” Urman explained about how they wanted Michael to die that way.

Meanwhile, after that devastating event, the show jumped three years later and Jane, now a widow, is getting ready for a wedding.

According to the female showrunner, they preferred to skip Jane’s mourning because it would alter the light, comedic atmosphere of the show. However, there will be flashbacks to convey how the single mother has put herself back together and moved on.

“Jane the Virgin” season 3 will continue on Feb. 13 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.