'Jane the Virgin' season 3 spoilers: Romance to spark between Jane and Rafael?


The widow, who is also a single mother, has to cope up with life’s struggles, which includes career and potential romance.

In the latest episode of “Jane the Virgin,” Jane (Gina Rodriguez) was having trouble conceptualizing the love triangle part of her romantic novel. She’s determined not to return to her terrible publishing job, so she has to come up a perfectly good story.

Jane didn’t want to bring her real-life love story with her late husband, Michael (Brett Dier), to the book. She thinks it’s a form of betrayal. However, grandmother Alba (Ivonne Coll) explained to Jane that Michael always wanted her to create the best novel.

It seems all is well with her book writing.

However, as a single mother, Jane is struggling to find time to attend to her son’s school activities. Luckily, she was able to join the fundraising, but Stacy, one of the mothers, was mean to her. Additionally, Rafael’s (Justin Baldoni) ex-wife Petra (Yael Grobglas) is now the PTA president.

The parenting styles of Jane and Petra will be put to the test in the next episode’s 2017 Election parody. As featured in “Chapter 58’s” teaser trailer, the mothers of Rafael’s children are engaged in a debate. It looks like a PTA election.

Meanwhile, some say that Jane’s deepened friendship with her child’s biological father will open to a new romance.

In “Chapter 55,” the series jumped three years after Michael’s death. Jane and Rafael became best friends. Fresh from prison, Rafael has found a better point of view in life. He’s now a dedicated father to his children.

Although he’s dating Abby (Minka Kelly), Rafael had a change of heart in “Chapter 57” where he broke up with her. He told Jane that he wants to have a beautiful love story like the characters on her novel, but he doesn’t see that with Abby. If it’s not Abby, then who else is he referring to?

“Jane the Virgin” season 3 returns on March 20 on The CW.