'Jane the Virgin' season 3 spoilers: Michael's fate revealed?


For the legion of fans of the satirical romantic television drama, “Jane the Virgin,” it’s easy to hope that the third season premiere will reveal the fate of Michael Cordero (Brett Dier), after he was shot in the second season finale. However, a recent revelation suggests that fans could be in for a painful wait.

The way season 2 ended was kind of unexpected for the fans of “Jane the Virgin” since the show has always been more about expressing the funny and passionate side of the life of Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and the people around her. But based on the sudden change of pace, there might be a huge shift in direction when it comes to how the show’s writers and producers would want this new season to be delivered.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! TV, showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman revealed that fans will have to be a little more patient once the premiere episode airs as the condition of Michael will only be revealed at the last part of the episode. She continued by saying that the question of whether he lives or dies will only be known down at the very bottom of the premiere. Well, at least everyone will get some sort of closure, whether it is grief or relief once the first episode of season 3 wraps up.

The one thing certain, though, regardless of Michael surviving or not, is the fact that Jane and every single member of the family will be forced to deal with some serious things this season. It means that unlike the previous seasons, the characters might find themselves in the very awkward position of having to grow up and become more mature in handling things.

Season 3 of “Jane the Virgin” airs Mondays via The CW.