'Jane the Virgin' season 3 spoilers: next season still about Jane possibly losing her virginity


After season 3 of The CW popular comedy television series “Jane the Virgin” was confirmed, the anticipation for the new season has been increasing as of late. And with reports that Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) virginity is going to be a focus, it’s no longer surprising why everyone’s already talking about the possibility that the lead star will finally lose her virginity.

The series is based on a plot where Jane tries hard to beat the struggles of life and love while preserving her virginity, but questions have been lingering since the start of last season if she eventually will give it up and it’s an inevitable thing. But the season ended with her able to preserve it. Now the biggest question heading into the new season is if she’ll be as motivated as in the previous instances to preserve it or will she finally decide to give in to love?

For series creator Jennie Snyder Urman, the show isn’t really just about preserving Jane’s virginity. In fact it’s never about that. Nevertheless, it might be about time. In an interview with Deadline, she said, “I never wanted Jane to lose her virginity in a season premiere… but she won’t be a virgin by the end of the next season.”

In another story, rumors have it that Jane’s mother, Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) might decide to terminate her pregnancy since it was unplanned and that it might cause some tension in the family since the father is someone who has some bad history with the father of Jane. To recall, the outgoing mother bore Jane when she was still a minor and the fact that she got pregnant so early is Jane’s reason why she has kept herself out of that situation.

Season 3 of “Jane the Virgin” will debut on Oct. 17 on The CW.