Jane The Virgin season 2 spoilers: Alba and Xo get high; Britney Spears guest stars


On the latest episode of “Jane The Virgin,” viewers will see pop star Britney Spears checking in at Marbella Hotel.

Titled “Chapter Twenty-Seven Scene,” the highly anticipated episode guests stars the singer as Rogelio’s nemesis. The synopsis stated that upon finding out she is staying at the hotel, the latter will confront her about their past. It is also revealed that Jane may finally make a decision about her love life while Alba takes the proper steps to become a citizen. However, something about Xo’s past might make the process more difficult than expected.

Moreover, as Michael put his head in the feud against Rafael, he may be facing some troubles at work. While Petra will get an offer from her ex Milos which is said to be hard to refuse.

The sneak peek also shows some funny moments as Alba and Xiaomara get high. Jane talks to them, “You sure you can go to this meeting?” when they answered yes and that they feel totally fine and normal, she concludes “Okay, maybe Zed is selling counterfeit edibles.” But Xiaomara then asks, “What’s this meeting about again?” Jane was incredulous as the two started laughing.

Twenty minutes later, Jane gave Alba coffee and wonders if she is okay. The latter then recounts a story in Spanish which was translated in subtitles to, “Did I ever tell you the first time I drank coffee. It’s a funny story… I was with my sister Cecilia,” before she began her fits of laughter again. Jane then asked her mom if the shower helped her become sober, “Yes, but listen. I was thinking in there, I am pretty sure that this meeting is a trap.”

After another 20 minutes, Jane prepped them and said that she will do the thinking and the two should just nod. “Okay mom, I’ll introduce you. I’ll talk about Zed, how you haven’t gotten into any trouble.” However, the two continuously bump their heads up and down. Seemingly exasperated, Jane blurts “No, you can’t just nod the whole time!” The clip ends with Xo saying, “Maybe you should give us some signal when we should stop?” to which Alba agrees, “Aye, Buena ideas Xiomara.”

New episodes of Jane the Virgin air every Monday at 9pm.