'Jane the Virgin' season 2, spoilers: Jane and Rogelio disagree on guest size in episode 16


Jane and his father will be disagreeing while planning for the wedding in the upcoming episode of “Jane the Virgin” season 2.

In the previous episode of the show, Jane (Gina Rodriguez) felt that Michael’s (Brett Dier) parents seem a bit reluctant to like her. Later on, she learned that it was because of her decision previously to breakup. Despite this, the planning for the wedding will continue, although it will not be a smooth ride, in episode 16 of the satirical romantic comedy and drama television series.

Titled “Chapter Thirty-Eight,” the discussion about the wedding details will be put on hold when a flood hits Jane’s home. Later on, Jane will be talking to his father Rogelio (Jamie Camil) about the wedding, where they have disagreements, as the latter insists on having a huge wedding so he can also invite over his celebrity friends. Jane tries to stay firm in her decision to keep the guests within their circle of friends, but his father will not easily give in.

In the promotional trailer of the upcoming episode, it highlights Jane and Rogelio discussing about the guest size. Jane allotted 15 friends for his father, but the latter is not amenable with it. Later on, his father introduces Jane to his friends so she can get to know them. Will she give in to the request of his father eventually? Or will Rogelio oblige his daughter’s desire?

The official synopsis posted on TV Guide reads, “A flood hits Jane’s home, disrupting her wedding plans with Michael. Meanwhile, Jane and her dad clash over how big a wedding she should have; Rafael objects to Jane moving 45 minutes away with Mateo; and Petra continues to struggle with motherhood.”

“Jane the Virgin” season 2 will air episode 16 on March 28 at 9 P.M. EST on The CW.