'Jane the Virgin' cast news, spoilers: Justin Baldoni talks about his character's new outlook in life


The hit “Jane the Virgin” show did not dwell on the tear-jerking part of the story. It jumps three years later after Michael’s (Brett Dier) sudden death. Jane (Gina Rodriguez), who is now a widow and a single mom, has landed a job in a publishing company. And like Jane, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) has also turned his life around.

In his recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Baldoni talked about the show’s time skip and his character’s new outlook in life.

The 33-year-old actor agreed with using the time jump in order to keep the humor in the TV series.

“You didn’t have to sit with Jane as she was grappling with becoming a widow, because it would be very hard to have laughs and comedy in there,” Baldoni explained.

Following the three-year time jump, Rafael, fresh from prison, has adopted a new perspective on life. He seems to be carefree.

Baldoni asserted that it’s been fun to create a new portrayal of the same character. “They really gave me a chance to add some depth and change some behaviors of Rafael,” he said.

In The CW series, Rafael is the biological father of Jane’s son, and he has twins with Petra (Yael Grobglas). With Rafael’s new outlook, he has become a dedicated dad and a supportive partner to the mothers of his children especially to Jane who considers him as her best friend.

“That’s what’s beautiful about deep friendships is the ability to be honest with each other without being worried what the other person thinks,” Baldoni described his character’s relationship with Jane.

Furthermore, the young father in the comedy show has a new-found love with a greeting card designer named Abby (Minka Kelly). The California-born actor hinted that Abby is a hilarious character.

Additionally, although they miss Dier in the series, the actor is confident about the flow of the story because “it’s just as good, if not, better than it ever has been.”