Jana Duggar news: After Josh Duggar controversy, will Jill and Jessa Duggar get their own spin-off show? 19 Kids and Counting's future uncertain


The Duggars seem to have the spotlight on them for a quite a long time these days, especially Josh and eldest daughter Jana Duggar. Following the molestation allegations against Josh, TLC pulled the family show 19 Kids and Counting off the air, but not giving it formal series cancellation.

Entertainment Tonight reports that TLC is considering firing Josh Duggar and continuing with the show. The option to do so might not be a bad idea, since it is the Duggar sisters who are the more popular figures among viewers of the show. However, TLC will still struggle to gain sponsor trust, since 19 Kids and Counting has lost advertisers like General Mills since the scandal broke.

Eldest daughter Jana Duggar, being the oldest unmarried Duggar daughter as of the moment, got a lot of fan support online, with supporters urging her to leave the house and finally have her own life.

PerezHIlton.com concluded that the Duggar sisters might have hinted the molestation experience early on in their book Growing Up Duggar. In a quote, they discussed about misbehaving siblings and forgiveness:

“The choice to forgive doesn’t always free the other person from the consequences of his or her wrong actions, but it frees the forgiver of negative feelings towards the offender. And if we still have feelings of bitterness, the Bible says it’s not only to forgive the other person, but also to go a step further and look for ways to bless him or her.”

19 Kids and Counting continues to be off-air, and TLC has not released any official update yet. The Duggar parents had previously issued an apology regarding their son’s actions through their Facebook page.

Inquisitr reports that as a result of the controversy, popular sisters Jessa and Jill Duggar, who gave TLC bumper ratings with their weddings last year, may get their own spin-off show.