James Bond Spectre news Ellie Goulding could be chosen for Spectre opening song, Daniel Craig is Bond until 2020


Sam Smith debunked the floating speculations that he will be the singer for the James Bond Spectre theme song, reports Movie News Guide. He divulged this information at the Capital FM Breakfast Show with Dave Berry amd Lisa Snowdon. In the same breath, he hinted that Ella Goulding might be the one to do it. Also debunked is the rumor that Spectre is Daniel Craig’s last James Bond film.

There were previous rumors that Daniel Craig may have this Spectre installment as his last portrayal of James Bond. But Sony already issued a statement to the Daily Star assuring the fulfillment of their original contract; Craig will continue playing the role until 2020, according to Latin Post. On average, this means that there might be two or three additional films before he will be replaced. Before the rumor was debunked, two of the popular faces that people want to replaceCraig is Henry Cavill or Idris Elba.

Bits and pieces of the opening scene of the new film have already been revealed. It involves the Mexican Day of the Dead as the backdrop of the initial action, and it employed no fewer than 1,500 extras. Making the death costumes alone took all of six months.

Bond’s latest film will have him tracing some mysterious things from his past that leads to an unresolved trail with a notorious group called Spectre that he will need to take down. Mirror reports that Pinewood Studios previously cited the inclusion of James Bond Spectre in their roster of upcoming films as one of the things that contributed to the increase in their revenue. Based on the trailer, the film promises to be an action-filled one.

In addition to the film project, there are also plans to make a James Bond musical or stage show, according to Independent IE.