iZombie Season 2: Liv estranged from pretty much everyone when show returns October 6


CW TV’s romantic-comedy drama iZombie is slated to return on October 6 with Liv Moore experiencing estrangement from her loved ones.

Showrunner Rob Thomas told The Hollywood Reporter that with season one’s finale showing Liv refusing to donate blood for her brother Evan after he sustained a grave injury and her best friend, Peyton (Aly Michalka), running away from her as she learned the truth, “Liv will start off season two pretty much estranged from everyone else.”

Thomas added that another factor which might come into play is Major Lilywhite’s sentiments. Despite being cured, he is still angry with Liv when she turned him into a zombie.

“We’re going to pick up season two a few months after the end of season one, and Major will still not be happy with her… Everyone who was in that intervention scene in the pilot Peyton, her mom, her brother and Major everyone who was trying to pull her out of her doldrums at the beginning of season one, she will be estranged from as we begin season two.”

He also revealed Peyton’s fate is still uncertain in the series as the actress has booked another show.

As Michalka is not a series regular, the showrunner said that they do not control her schedule. He hopes however, that they can bring her back in future episodes when she becomes available to them. 

Thomas also hinted in an interview with TV Line that there may be new characters added for season two as they will introduce Liv and Evan’s father alongside other character’s dads.

“We have been talking about Season 2 as being the Season of Dads. We might meet several people’s dads in Season 2, including [Liv and Evan’s]. We kept him intentionally unmentioned because we hadn’t worked out how we wanted to bring him in or what we wanted to do with him… We have a desire to do it, and I think we have a neat backstory on their dad,” he said.